Saturday, April 30, 2011

***Winter Storm Warning***

Winter storm warning my ass. It is a fucking blizzard outside! Three days ago I was lying in the sun, in my bikini, on my balcony and today I had to chip ice off of my windshield after a freaking night shift. No mittens on, by the way. Didn’t think I needed them in the spring time! Good fucking morning to you too, Mother Nature.

I saw one accident happen with a van sliding into the side of the hospital rail. I almost got stuck after dropping of my co-worker at home. He had walked to work before all the snow bullshit happened. Thank-God today I will be sleeping the entire time so that I can be refreshed for my night shift tonight.

The wind is so bad right now it is literally rumbling my building and tossing branches around outside. This is APRIL 30TH!!! It is almost May! This is absolutely ridiculous! The flooding happening around here is off the charts and farmers haven’t even been able to start seeding. This is going to cause one hell of an epidemic.

This is depressing. Not impressed.

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