Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Truth Untold

Truth Untold

Little bits of trust flake off,
as a new story begins to unfold.
Please bring words of reality
if the truth has been untold.

Do not tell me what I want to hear,
may as well just smash the lie.
Maybe you know what the future holds,
that my faith in you will die.

You cannot hide behind your betrayal,
for speech is invisible you see.
Those eggshells in which you walk upon,
I feel you underestimate me.

Over thinking every detail,
unable to move past the hurt.
Wasting my time with this paranoid mind,
desperately filtering the dirt.

Trapped within a distracting pain,
my focus is out of control.
Each puzzle piece seeps into my head
about the truth that has been untold.


(Copyright 2009)

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Wayne said...

Great drawing.