Monday, April 25, 2011

Don`t Ask Why I Do What I Do

``If you choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences that come with the behaviour. ``- My Mom (She heard it somewhere)

I am not a dumbass. I at times do dumbass things, but I am not an idiot. Sadly, all of my stupid choices revolve around the male species, but that is beside the point. I am really glad my mom told me this quote. Not only does this refer to my behaviours, but it also works toward people I choose to be around.
But back to the heading, I don`t like when people ask me why I do things and the quote at the top is why. I accept that I have to deal with my consequences.

Annoying Question Examples:
1. Why do you not cook foods instead of getting microwavable meals?
2. Why do you travel so much?
3. Why do you budget so anally?
4. How can you even stay with that loser?

UHHHHH… because I it is just what I have chosen! It seems as though every time someone questions me about my decision making abilities, I just want to turn and throat punch them (still don`t fight so I would never do that). I mean, I know that some people genuinely want to know this information or want to help me out, but the ones who ask me to then lecture me really irk me.

By the way I don`t enjoy cooking or doing dishes, I plan to travel all over the world because I love it, budgeting is something I weirdly enjoy doing and obviously I am sticking around in a dumb relationship for a reason. I`m all grown up now and can make those decisions! Amazing, eh?

I happen to know the difference between good and bad choices. I am not a failure at life.

Me Not Being a Failure Examples:
1. Graduated from high school and university.
2. Full-time career with full benefits.
3. Financially stable for now and for the future, with no debt.
4. Own my own vehicle.
5. Travel whenever I have a stretch of time off.
6. I have amazing friends and family.

I do everything for a reason, just like I believe everything happens for a reason. If everything did not happen for a reason, I have had some pretty shitty things happen with no purpose. The moral of the story is to not ask me about my life or decisions just to then make me feel low about them. I will deal with the consequences when they come, if there even are any!


Phantom of Pulp said...

Do things happen for a reason? Yes. Is the reasoning logical? Only sometimes. I tend to be satisfied with "things happen" because reasons are too absolute.

I like your subjects.

Wayne said...

Right on Paige.