Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dancing Makes Me Happy!

The benefits of dancing are freaking awesome. End of story. I love to dance. Two step, one step, swing, dirty, hip hop, polka, head bang, jumping wildly and all those fun things.

Let me list the awesome factors:
1. Exercise
2. Coping- Dance out anger, frustrations, and worries
3. Get noticed by a hottie
4. Alcohol digests faster (I hope!)
5. Increase endorphins
6. Distraction from stress
7. Fun

I miss dancing. I have to get a good dose every once in a while. Where I live the party scene sucks. Basically if you aren’t in to hookers and blow you are not part of the “normal”. (Obviously this is a little exaggerated, but only a little.) Sad, isn’t it? I happen to avoid hookers and never tried blow, so I don’t really fit in around here. I don’t find having an addiction awesome. Personal choice.

Oh dancing, how I miss you! I hope that I can find a relationship that is as grand as a good grind on the dance floor. A rockin’ dance partner through life would be fabulous. I guess relationships are kind of like a dance, eh? If they are a good partner, things run smoothly even if the music gets rough, you both make it out alive. With a shitty dance partner there are more errors, frustrations and they step on your toes (technically abuse!).

Oh the metaphors I come up with… Where are you splendid dance companion???

Friday, May 6, 2011


OHHHHHH I GET ANGRY!!! I absolutely hate when someone tells me they are going to do something then don’t. They better have a damn good reason for thinking that it is totally ok to waste my time. I do not bail on others. I do not suddenly change plans. I do not leave people waiting around to see if I am going to bless them with my presence.

Maybe I just believe in decency.

Examples of being bailed on:
1. I will text or call you at *a specific time* to make plans and never get that call or text.
2. I will be there in 10 minutes to actually arrive 3 hours later…
3. I want to hang out with you tonight to then say actually I am going over to someone else’s place, with no invite for me too.

Sounds to me that people suck. Especially the guys I date. Maybe I should turn into a complete and utter asshole because that would mean it shouldn’t bother me when it happens to me. I would then hopefully understand in some way what it is like to treat other people badly. Is it pleasurable? Does it make people feel proud? It just hurts me. I have emotions, thoughts, ideas and limited time. I do not feel awesome when I get bailed on. I feel disrespected. So fuck them.

I am going to continue to be a good person, so that people don’t get upset with me and I can sleep at night knowing I did not disrespect someone else’s time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Historical Week

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” –Albert Einstein

Damn! This has been a crazy week, I tell you! Let me list, as per usual, the stuff!

1. Royal Wedding- William getting it on with Kate is kind of a big deal. She is freaking hot! I say that as a straight woman and by God look at her sister! I watched most of the ceremony and I must admit that Kate looked quite lovely in her classy dress. I would have liked to see a bit more bling though. Then again, look at her freaking engagement ring, but will it match all of her outfits? I doubt it. Oh well, I saw that history in the making and I watched it LIVE!

2. Crazy Ass Snow Storm- That was stupid. You may have seen my wintery video of my recent spring. It got worse by the way after I showed the video. I watched it from the beginning to the end other than when I slept for a bit. The snow has pretty much melted now, but it sure isn’t helping our already flooded areas! Yuck.

3. Osama Dead- Hell to the yeah! Awesome news! Except there is no doubt in my mind they have a Vice Osama. Duh. But at least it is a small victory for the US army. Thanks so much to Obama for mentioned the help from the Allied troops for all of their help in Afghanistan. Oh wait; he didn’t say shit about them and I watched that speech LIVE too. Typical. Either way there are already conspiracy theories being made, but whatever? I don’t really care. I’m just going to believe that he is dead. I still want to see the photo!

4. Canadian Election- Whoop Conservative Majority!!! Now we won’t have our tax paying money put toward an election for a while. As one girl wrote on my Facebook, she can now fit the BQ and Green Party members in her civic. NDP kicked the Liberal’s ass. I watched this LIVE, as well. Freaking awesome victory. Yeah, I am a conservative voter. I was just glad that 60% of the population voted. A whole 1% more people than last time. I think the guy for my constituency is a tool, but I’m over it.

That was my week! I saw it all LIVE and I made sure I saved some pictures from the newspaper for it. Thought I’d start a history in the making album! It is amazing how much can happen across the world in such a short time. I will tell my non-existent children of these times and how cold I was in April/May 2011.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technology Addict

“I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction.” –Gene Tierney

Hello my blog name is “Pessioptimist” and I am a technology-aholic. You may have noticed (or probably did not notice) that I have not blogged for 2 days. My last post was in regards to the crazy ass snow storm that occurred for 2 freaking days. Just so happened to knock out my cable and internet!

Yep! Thank freaking God that I was sleeping all of the time because I would have gone absolutely bonkers. Yes, I said bonkers.

I realized in the 2 hours I had between sleeping and work that I was slowly starting to slip into a depression. A deep, dark hole of technologylessness was beginning to consume my soul. (A little dramatic, but whatever.)

List of reasons I use Internet:
1. Google anything
2. Blog
3. Facebook
4. Twitter
5. Banking
6. Watching TV
7. Downloading Music/Applications for IPod
8. Skyping
9. Finding Phone Numbers
10. Finding Locations

That is the top 10 anyways. After reading that list I kind of sound like a stalker. Woop!

Well now my internet has returned and I do not feel technologically deprived. Now I can avoid life by consuming myself in technology and to distract me from my realities. Substance abuse and gambling addictions are the same in many ways except I am not killing my liver through alcohol, destroying my lungs through smoking crack and getting totally broke by putting money into sparkling machines.

So here is my confession. I am addicted to technology. I played Angry Birds on my IPod and texted with 10 people every moment I had at home. It is everywhere around me, phones, computers, TVs, and MP3 players. I have a problem, but like any addict I will only stop when I truly feel ready.

I do have hobbies or at least things I am good at that have fallen by the wayside. So here is the beginning stage of my issue. Admitting I have a problem. I feel better already.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. (My excuse to continue using my computer…)