Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dancing Makes Me Happy!

The benefits of dancing are freaking awesome. End of story. I love to dance. Two step, one step, swing, dirty, hip hop, polka, head bang, jumping wildly and all those fun things.

Let me list the awesome factors:
1. Exercise
2. Coping- Dance out anger, frustrations, and worries
3. Get noticed by a hottie
4. Alcohol digests faster (I hope!)
5. Increase endorphins
6. Distraction from stress
7. Fun

I miss dancing. I have to get a good dose every once in a while. Where I live the party scene sucks. Basically if you aren’t in to hookers and blow you are not part of the “normal”. (Obviously this is a little exaggerated, but only a little.) Sad, isn’t it? I happen to avoid hookers and never tried blow, so I don’t really fit in around here. I don’t find having an addiction awesome. Personal choice.

Oh dancing, how I miss you! I hope that I can find a relationship that is as grand as a good grind on the dance floor. A rockin’ dance partner through life would be fabulous. I guess relationships are kind of like a dance, eh? If they are a good partner, things run smoothly even if the music gets rough, you both make it out alive. With a shitty dance partner there are more errors, frustrations and they step on your toes (technically abuse!).

Oh the metaphors I come up with… Where are you splendid dance companion???


Clare Dunn said...

Dancing makes me happy, too.

Thank you for 'following' my blog. I just noticed today that you were there!

I look forward to getting to know you!

xoxoxo, cd

rapunzel_jo said...

I, too, enjoy dancing. However the "out" scene isn't much better around here and I find it much harder to find time to dance with children at home. Although that's not the case for everyone. (I don't know how people can have kids and go out drinking/dancing, literally, every night.)