Sunday, April 24, 2011

Punching is Preposterous

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandi

I hate fighting. Physical or verbal, I don’t like it. It does not make anyone awesome. Even UFC, if you really think about it, looks like two sweaty guys having a rough, but intimate moment.

Reasoning of Unawesomeness:
1. Bleeding, bruising and sore muscles absolutely do not appeal to me. On myself or anyone else, not cool. Ugly.
2. It is completely moronic that someone is too lazy to come up with an alternate solution.
3. Head and back injuries are for life and if you get in a fight with the wrong person, you are royally screwed. Wheelchairs and drooling are not hot.
4. It is dumb.
5. It is illegal. It is assault. Criminal records are limiting. Limits for legal stuff blows.
6. It shows weakness in the ability to control anger and who wants to hang out with an angry person?
7. Plans have been cancelled and good times have been ruined because of it. That pisses me off because I don`t piss on their party! I am awesome like that though.
8. Hanging out in hospitals is a drag, unless you get a really sexy doctor or nurse. Rare, by the way.
9. Yeah, you gained respect, but only from losers.
10. I laugh when someone who starts a fight loses. It is HA-larious! Now you are super-duper!

Self-defense is a whole different story. I only agree with it though if you use only the force necessary. I am in a profession where violence is always possible and I have NEVER hurt a client because of force.

So forget fighting. Obviously I am pissed off at a specific incident or people I know who fight, but honestly I am sick of hearing about it. It actually disgusts me. Do fighters not realize that they have a lot to lose? Maybe they have nothing to lose.

The people in my life that fight though, you will lose me. You have a choice! If I`m not worth it, ``Fuck you, too``. :)

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