Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Enjoy

I was skimming through some blogs and saw some people had lists about things that bring them peace or happiness. I also got a comment about the benefits of making lists. I happen to make them all of the time (which you may have noticed that all of my blogs have a list of something) and thought, “Why not make a list of things that bring me joy?” So cheers to my optimistic side. Just for my own reminder that not all of life is horrible.

Personal Reminders of Good:
1. Arriving at a hotel room at the beginning of a vacation
2. Cherry ‘Slush-Puppies’
3. Cuddling
4. Jokes that make me laugh out loud
5. Travelling to a new destination
6. Talking about myself (shocker!)
7. Counselling
8. Organizing
9. Cleaning
10. Writing Music
11. Taking an amazing photograph
12. Butterflies when I first start dating someone
13. Finishing a really good Self-Help book
14. Budgeting / Saving Money
15. The feeling I get after I finish a good workout
16. Making lists
17. Blogging
18. Cranking my music while driving down the highway and singing as loud as I can
19. Planning trips
20. Calling and chatting with my family
21. Dancing like a complete idiot
22. Chips and Dip
23. Learning how to help the environment
24. Sitting in the combine (for a short period)
25. Hearing Thank-You from a stranger when you help them out
26. Hearing from an old friend or acquaintance (someone I like of course)
27. McDonald’s Food
28. Finishing a task and erasing it off of my white board
29. Watching my favorite TV shows
30. Buying something I have been looking forward too
31. Finishing a creative project
32. Hugs from my parents
33. Praise for my accomplishments
34. Finishing a course
35. Being right in a debate
36. Being at a sporting event
37. Meeting new people
38. Ending a shift at work
39. Gardens with lots of flowers and lights
40. Dating
41. Talking about trips taken
42. Standing at the top of a tall building
43. Sharing my music
44. The number 44
45. Singing in front of a croud

*I'm sure I'll add more as they arrise :)*

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